What Type Of Website Gets The Most Readers And Which To Avoid Creating (My Own Opinion)

Unfortunately, in the blogging world, you have misguided individuals telling new bloggers that if you want to make money blogging, all you need to do is throw up a 1 – 4 page website of a product that you’re selling and then sit back.

Apparently by doing that, people will “magically” find your website and buy whatever it is you’re promoting.

Classic case of the blind trying to lead the blind.

I learned, and obviously, know better than to believe something like that. But I visited a forum recently where a participant asked a question relating to the type of website they should create.

They were fairly new to the whole Internet scene and wanted to create Information Products to sell but didn’t know how to go about it – whether to create a blog or just create a website with a sales page and that’s it.

The majority of the answers that people gave made me question their commonsense to actually getting readers to visit a website.

And that whole topic inspired me to actually write this post.

If you have an Information Product to sell, how should you go about it?

What should you be doing?

What strategy to take?

I’ve been in this situation myself, so I know from experience.

However, to explain it properly, I’ve decided to create three scenarios that breaks down the necessary steps and add my own two cents after each of them.

Scenario 1: The Worst Website You Could Possibly Make

With so many niche sites being created on a daily basis, people are becoming more prone to creating 3 – 4 page websites and then leaving it.

The argument is that you create a site that

Now, let’s say I had another website and that website was focused on Information Product relating to Crafts.

NOTE: For the sake of this post, I’m actually going to use another website I operate as an example.

Let’s say I came up with a decent enough title “How To Make Money Selling Crafts … And Sell It Successfully, No Matter What Type Of Craft It Is”.

Actual section of a sales pages I created for this particular example

Now, on my website, I create an About page, maybe a Contact Us page as well.

And then at the bottom, I have some disclaimers and legal stuff.

This is all I have on the site, including the sales page to sell my product and nothing else.

And if this is all, then I can guarantee that the site will fail … here’s why:

Regardless if I’m getting visitors or not, I’m really showing absolutely NO value to them. If they come onto my page, they’ll see a sales page trying to sell them the product and no other information. Chances are very slim that anyone will purchase the product because no value is shown.

If you have a website and you’re doing this, then you need to stop … IMMEDIATELY.

Because even if people were interested in what you’re trying to provide to them, how will they know you’re trustworthy and honest and have their best interest at heart?

How will they know what your previous track record was in terms or content and material that you provided?

They won’t and that’s why this type of scenario is one to avoid at all costs.

Scenario 2: Decent Website But Still Needs Improving

Ok, for this scenario, I’m going to use the same example with the same website and Information Product. But this time, I decided to add a blog section to it and maybe a resources page and an optin section to capture their emails.


The blog posts I choose to write are fairly short, around (500 words) and are published once a week.

The resource page contains important information on tools I recommend to do business.

Lastly, the smartest decision I made in this scenario is to try to collect emails.

And while this scenario is much better than the previous one, alot of people still make some mistakes that are costly and ultimately get them no sales.

Here’s why:

I’ve been guilty of doing this exact same thing as well with a blog I operate where I just have a blog section (where I do post around 500 words or so), a resource section and started collecting email addresses. That’s usually not where the issue lies however.

The issue that many people get into trouble is when they finally get the emails of the people, then they ONLY contact them to promote their product and nothing else.

That type of action will lose subscribers fast … regardless if you’re sharing some valuable information on your blog posts.

The thing about it is, when you have people that subscribe to your email list, they realize that there’s a high possibility that you’ll try to sell them something.

However, it’s not smart to constantly do so. This scenario certainly is better, and one that ALOT of bloggers do, but it’s not one that you should be aiming for to implement.

Scenario 3: The Best Option

Now the third scenario is the scenario that I personally use and have adopted (on this site … and will for ALL of my sites) and it’s trying to provide countless value all the time.

And what does that mean?

Ok, let’s use that same scenario again.

The same website with the same Information Product but rather than letting people know about my Information Product, I decide to not even bother to promote it.

Reason for this is because I want to create value first and provide great content to get subscribers.

One of the ways to do that is to create blog posts – but not just regular kinds of blog posts. Posts that people who love crafts (or whatever your Information Product is) will be dying to read.

So I go to Google Keyword tool and search for quality keywords that people searched for in that month.

Then I write blog posts (1000+ words) that has those keywords filtered throughout, that the search engines will pick up and people will search for.

The more valuable content I provide, the more visitors and eventually subscribers I’ll get.

In the previous scenario, I decided to create an email list. In this scenario, I do the same thing but not for the purposes of constantly selling them things.

I create that email list to provide those that subscribe with a free gift as well as useful content to them that’s NOT going to be on the website.


Also, I decide that I want to provide even more content to readers and visitors so I start doing Podcast episodes and You Tube videos for free on additional ways they can enjoy their crafts or market themselves and even provide step-by-step tutorials on various strategies.

And I can almost be certain that this type of website will benefit me much more than the other two scenarios and will ultimately get me more readers as well.

Quick Recap

So with this scenario, what did I do exactly?

  • I created a blog, which instead of posting once a week, I decide to publish new content 2 – 3 times a week.
  • In each blog post, I’m creating at least 1,000 words of high quality content that they’re looking for.
  • I created an email list where I provide those that subscribe with a free report/resource, etc.
  • I email my subscribers at least once a week providing additional tips that’s not available or discussed on the blog.
  • I decided to create a Podcast where you provide even MORE additional information that’s useful to them and maybe interview experts in various crafts to provide tips and information
  • I also create You Tube videos to give step-by-step tutorials on certain strategies and tips.

All of this value I give to them while still not asking them to purchase my original Information Product “How To Make Money Selling Crafts … And Sell It Successfully, No Matter What Type Of Craft It Is”.

And if I did this consistently for a while and built up my list to over 400 subscribers, I can then decide if I want to sell them my Information Product. 

And personally, I would be blogging for 2 years or so before I decide to sell anything on my site because I want to build up value and have a history of providing great content. By doing that, it’ll become easier to sell any product I would choose to sell. 

Final Thoughts

Which one of those three scenarios seems like they’d have the most success for your business?

Hopefully your answer is obviously the 3rd scenario and that’s exactly what you should be doing with your website.

If you give value up front, you’re going to receive value in return.

And there are ways you can still make money while selling no products yet providing nothing but value. But I’ll be discussing that in a future post.

The ONLY way you can get the first scenario to work in your favor is if you have another website that you’re already providing great value on and you decide to create a separate website for that specific product. That’s the only situation I see that first scenario actually working.

Other than that, the third scenario is what you should always be aiming for.

What are your thoughts?

Which scenario do you think will get the most readers to your website?

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  1. says

    There are several kinds of websites and divided into great, good, and poor and they are classified into various categories.

    Anyway, the scenarios that you showed is I guess important to read and comprehend the result and idea like what scenario 2 shared. There are many decent websites all over the net, however, they need improvements, some tweaks that will spice up their website and earn great traffic and leads.

    Your post has been shared on Kingged.com, IM social bookmarking site, enabling me to find this good piece.

    • Andrew M. Warner says

      Hi Metz,

      Thanks for the comment. Many websites, like you said, are decent but they have a need for improvement. I’ve seen my share of websites that are both in scenario 1 and scenario 2 and I just don’t understand it.

  2. says

    Give or take, the best type of websites for readers are those that provide valuable contents. The third scenario case study explains this better.

    Readers will reward a blog or website that offer solutions to the problems that make them visit in the first place!

    More so, it is still important to make this website open up to communication so that readers can trust the contents and reward the Call to action!

    I have left this comment in kingged.com – the content syndication and social marketing platform for Internet marketers, where this post was shared.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


      • Andrew M. Warner says

        Hi Emmanuel,

        I apologize if the post seemed to be a bit confusing. I wanted to try my hand at writing a different type of post and maybe it didn’t come out fully as I intended. IF I decide to do something like this again, I’ll definitely try to make it more clear.

        Now, like you said, it is all about delivering great content. That’s what readers want and expect. But I feel that what they don’t necessarily expect is to NOT be sold to from the beginning. EVERYBODY is always selling things on the internet and having ads everywhere for different things that it’s overbearing at times. I think that by having the approach explained in the 3rd scenario will ultimately get you more subscribers, and more sales because you’re building it on trust.

    • Andrew M. Warner says

      Hi Sunday,

      Thanks for the comment.

      You said it correctly. “Give or take, the best type of websites for readers are those that provide valuable contents.” You have to have valuable content in order to start getting the reader to trust you and be willing to act on your call to action.

  3. says

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for this wonderful post, One have to be very careful when creating a sales page, the word we use and the action section of the page.

    Bravo you on the article post, i love the idea of choosing blog over sales page. It is always easy for people to subscribe to blog, especially if your blog consist of unique articles that solve problems.

    If i visited a blog that is solving a set of problems, i won’t feel reluctant to subscribe to such blog. It is really a good idea, if after building a big list of altleast 400 – 1000 subscribers, you can easily sell any of your product to them.

    The will not doubt you because they are regular visitors of your blog and also believe in what you write.

    Nice concept your share here… I will surely bookmark your blog.

    Have a nice day

    I found the link to this post on Kingged and i have also kingged it on kingged.com
    Olamosh recently posted…win a FREE 1-YEAR iROKOtv PLUS SubscriptionMy Profile

    • Andrew M. Warner says

      Hi Olamosh,

      Thanks for the comment. Like you said, I wouldn’t mind subscribing to a blog if I felt it delivered value and solved my problems and more importantly, didn’t PUSH a sale in front of me. I think that hands off approach is really something that alot of visitors to blogs appreciate because it’s something they’re not use to. When you make them feel comfortable from the beginning and provide them value they will continue to visit the site, refer others and be more willing to purchase items you may have in the future.

  4. says

    Hey Andrew,

    Gosh I hate how people still to this day are getting horrible advice from others who are only out to “sell” them on something. No wonder people are still confused and quitting all the time because they’re given such horrible advice from those claiming to be making a killing doing it “their way”.

    I’m glad you wrote this post and of course you know I go for your last option. In the past you could throw up a site and people would purchase it but the thing is that they eventually got smart because once they did and had questions of something that person had just disappeared. People being ripped off time and time again is what caused these old methods to no longer work.

    I’m glad you pointed this out and shared with us all how we should be doing things moving forward. Really great post Andrew, thanks.

    Adrienne recently posted…Walking On The Blog (Wild) SideMy Profile

    • Andrew M. Warner says

      Hey Adrienne,

      Thanks for the comment.

      You’re right. Before I started my own site last year, I use to browse the Internet from since 2000 and I saw people with websites that just have nothing but sales page after sales page … and I bet those people got sales from that. But like you said, people eventually got smarter and started asking more questions and demanded better content.

      Even though it was just my opinion, I think that 3rd scenario is the one that everyone should follow to truly succeed online.

  5. says


    Your insights are brilliant and I think you’re right. It’s a good idea to bring down at least three scenarios from your own experience to explain the topic better.

    Your suggestions are all effective, and what I like the most is the third one where you decided to create the value first before providing great contents to get subscribers. You’ve done great, as for me. You first research the keywords that most people are finding in a certain month and write an article about that.

    You’ve also think other ways to help people through your best option.

    Thanks for sharing! :)


    By the way, I found this post shared on Kingged.com

    • Andrew M. Warner says

      Hi Ann,

      Thanks for the comment.
      It is all about creating value that’s why the 3rd scenario works the best in many situations. Sure, you may have people tell you that they know people that have success with only one or 3 pages but unless that’s a niche site, it rarely happens. Like I always say, readers are getting smarted day in and day out and they know what they want. And the biggest thing they want is information that offers value.

  6. says


    100/100 Points for this article.

    You have done a really good job. I like this post. Quality content makes quality website/blog for you. We should take care of our content which we are publishing on blogs.


    • Andrew M. Warner says

      Hi Dr. Diana,

      Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it.

      Quality content trumps all and that’s what all bloggers should be aiming for all the time. Not only does it help you become a better writer but it also helps you to convince your readers to share more of your content.

  7. says

    Hi Andrew,

    I just found you on Adrienne’s blog post and sure glad I did. Too many people are being misdirected that all you have to do is slap up a blog and money will roll in. Not So!

    I would go with #3. First it takes some time to build up your blog and following. You put out the best content you can, have an opt-in list and work that list once a week. Giving value all the time. Now after you have established yourself, then comes the marketing part.

    There are many different ways to approach marketing a product or service, but your blog is the proof of the pudding of who you are and what you do for people.

    If you are going on a marketing campaign, what’s the first thing people will do if they don’t know you? They will look you up, see what you are about. If your blog reflects that you are ethical and are go-giving, you will have a better chance than slapping up a sales blog that is always pitching something.

    It takes that old patience and persistence mindset if one wants to hang in there. Giving value and helping others works. As the saying goes: “You can catch more flies with honey….”

    Good to meet you,

    donna merrill recently posted…Entrepreneurs Have Holidays TooMy Profile

    • Andrew M. Warner says

      Hi Donna,

      Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you found me on Adrienne’s site … I agree with what you said about too many people misdirected on how to create a blog. You can’t just throw up a website, throw up some banners or adsense and sit back to make money. Doesn’t happen that way. And I know this first hand because I made that mistake when I started off blogging last year with this site. And the reason I made this mistake was because I was told that’s the way to do it from a couple of “experts” and “gurus”.

      Luckily through sites like Adrienne’s and others, I learned that building trust and a relationship and writing great content and building an email list is what really matters.

      Glad that you found the site Donna, hope that you’ll visit again.

      Take care.

  8. says

    Hi Andrew: We are skipping human aspect from our each blogging chore. We want to develop design of our blog just to get support from it to sell our products and affiliates’. We write contents to impress readers instead of benefiting them. We introduce products by telling their features instead of telling their benefits. We run our blog like a shop which does not have an human value and just is a selling spot. This we need to control and advise others to avoid doing that.
    Thanks a lot for sharing such a wonderful post that really has opened my eyes I have planned to revisit every part of my blog to avoid shortcomings as pointed in this post.
    Mi Muba recently posted…Top 7 ideas to boost your blog consultancy businessMy Profile

  9. Geri Richmond says

    Hi Andrew,
    I will have to disagree with the 3rd scenario because if you ask any BIG marketer when you should start selling to your subs they will tell you that after someone subscribes to your list, your first email should be a welcome email with the link for your quality freebie. Attached to that should be an OTO ( a quality product that will help them with traffic, etc.).

    Like you said, when people opt in to your list, they will expect to be sold to. There is no shame in being a marketer who sells quality products.

    Tests show that sometimes it will take up to 7 times of showing the product to someone before they will buy it.
    This is what I was taught by a couple of different, successful marketers.
    Thanks for sharing your opinion. The best thing you can do for your subscribers is give them value and I think that every good marketer tries their best to do just that.
    Geri Richmond recently posted…Push Button Marketer Is The Best You Will Ever Find!My Profile

    • Andrew M. Warner says

      Hi Geri,

      Thank you for the comment. Those BIG marketers are correct about that. Welcome email and quality product should be the first few emails they receive before they’re sold to.

      I do agree with that when you said that at times it would take 7 emails or 7 attempts of trying to sell a product before a customer will buy. Not really sure why that is, but it is true. Value is the best thing that you can always give and by giving that, you should have no problems selling your products when you attempt to sell them.

  10. says

    You really nailed it Andrew!

    As I’m reading Adrienne Smith (my mentor, coach and friends) blog, I saw you were being featured, so that was more than reason enough to check out your blog.

    You really laid out (unfortunately) a far too common occurrence! In fact, the scenario you describe, makes it possibly to earn some really good money consulting newbies and other traditional small business owners and service providers, that are desperately trying to make the go on the Internet.

    Your post has shed some much needed light. You did an excellent job of laying out how and why the average marketer will most certainly fail with the wrong approach and how to make sure that doesn’t happen to us! Thanks!

    • Andrew M. Warner says

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for the comment. I consider Adrienne my friend and mentor as well.

      It’s a shame that people get caught up with trying to make money based on what some “gurus” and “experts” tell them. With that horrible advice they just decide to go with scenario 1 almost all the time and that’s how they end up failing ultimately. More emphasis needs to be put into following through with the third scenario and actually building value and not making money the main focus.

  11. says

    One other thing Andrew:

    I didn’t want to make my initial comment too long!LOL! But the other thing is, I really like the way you
    expertly demonstrated all three approaches, and contrasted them against each other. You sort of built on each
    subsequent example, and they were extremely easy to follow, because most of us are all too familiar with scenario # one.

    And probably knows someone or we ourselves are guilty of scenario # one. We’ve been there are done that! Thank you for sharing such an honest and practical assessment!

    It may not be what we want to hear, but it’s best to know the way it really is, not how wish it was!
    Mark recently posted…Business Opportunities: Just Because They’re Everywhere Doesn’t Mean You have To Squander Them!My Profile

    • Andrew M. Warner says

      Hey Mark,

      Thanks for that. For the last few months, I’ve been trying to expand on my blogging style and do things a little differently and just provide more detailed, step-by-step information in certain posts. I’m glad you liked it.

      When I started out, scenario #1 was all that I knew because that’s what I was told to do. Luckily for many of us, we learned that building value is the true key. Once again, thanks for the comment and have a great week.

  12. says

    Hey Andrew,

    As I was reading your post, I just thought about a book I finished a couple of months ago called “Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook” by Gary Vaynerchuk. You probably have heard it before, but it goes right along the lines of what you were saying here!

    I can honestly say, as far as autoresponders, that I went through each step and I do have to say that number 3 works the best. My email subscribers and some friends on facebook ask me to write more content that they find valuable, which is on how to generate traffice, leads and get sales. That was the only thing they were focused on, and everything else was ignored! This was a lesson learned

    Thanks for sharing these 3 approaches. It was definitely very valuable!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…How Important Is Keyword Density To Your Blog?My Profile

    • Andrew M. Warner says

      Hi Sherman,

      Thank you for the comment.

      Yes I have heard of Gary Vaynerchuck’s book but I haven’t read it yet (shame on me). I have to buy a copy of that and read it.

      When you start writing valuable content and taking time in interact and build your audience, you’ll have no problems when you eventually want to sell a product or service because you’ve already taken that time to build trust with people.

      It just still surprises me when “experts” tell people that the first thing they should do when they get a website is find a product to promote or sell a product. No one will buy from you because they don’t know and trust you. Readers and much more informed and smarter now so no shortcuts can be taken to achieve success.

      Thanks again for the comment and have a good week.

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